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The consumer is critical when it comes to sustainability. Have the products been grown in line with the P’s of people and planet? That is why we at Van Geest International take things a step further. We choose suppliers who share our vision of sustainability, in other words, those whom in the production stage let their fruits and vegetables grow in the most natural way.

Sustainability in our own company

We also want to operate sustainability in other areas; from the choice of energy-efficient trucks to energy optimization at our own premises. Solar panels make it possible to generate part of our power supply in-house. The heat produced by the refrigeration machines, is used as floor heating in the warehouse. With this we achieve a constant temperature of 15 degrees – and a substantial savings in fuel costs and emissions. Another example: all fluorescent lighting is replaced with energy-efficient LED lights. This also provides significant energy savings. Waste is separated in such a way that it is suitable for recycling. And for 2020 we strive to ensure that the entire fleet of (passenger) cars consists of cars that are the least harmful to the environment, such as hybrid models.

We are member of ECOSTARS. For a more sustainable transport sector. Please click on the image below for more information. (only Dutch language available)
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Delicious Brussels sprouts!

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They're back again! Brussels sprouts from Dutch origin at VGI. Available in two sizes and packed in handy 5 kg sacks (photo). Highly recommended for the for the supporter of this vegetable!!

First Dutch Asparagus!

IMG 0743
The season of the Dutch asparagus has started again! Available in several sizes. Most common size is AA, which means the asparagus is about 20-28 mm across. Packed in 5kg cartons.

Courgettes flowers from Holland

First Dutch courgette flowers available in week 6. Packed in cartons with 15 pieces.
Also first yellow courgettes available!

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