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Import and export of fruit and vegetables: our specialization

Importing and exporting fruit and vegetables of the best quality: that is what we at Van Geest International are trying to achieve. It is a versatile profession. The trade is different every day. Weather conditions affect yields and consumption. The competition is fierce and distances no longer exist. In addition to quality, service is one of the prerequisite for an exporter and importer.

Greenhouse vegetables and citrus fruits for the entire world
Since 1974 we are the link between growers and buyers. We are your man for the whole package. From the most common greenhouse vegetables and the best known citrus fruits to specialities. Our buyers are just as diverse; reputable wholesalers and vegetable speciality shops. Cutting companies pre-set on efficiency and culinary excelling caterers. With the help of our extensive network, we know exactly where they sell the quality that you are looking for. Buying against the lowest prices is more important than ever. We continuously seek the balance between supply and demand, today, tomorrow and next week.

Collaborating with growers associations
We work closely with many importers and growers associations. This increases the reliability of our products and it is also a guarantee of adequate availability of our products. We also share a lot of information to reach the right prices.

Forty years of history

The basis for Van Geest International was established in 1974. It was the period of the auction system in the Netherlands. The first business location was at Veiling Zuid (South Auction), in ’s-Gravenzande. The company started on a small scale with the import and export of fruit and vegetables. First to England, and then to Germany, but quickly Van Geest became truly 'international'.

In 1993 we moved to the larger auction Delft-Westerlee, which had the most modern facilities for efficient entrepreneurship. This location is still our home base. On 7500 m2, we have all the modern facilities that an import and export company should have. Storage and transfer capabilities, control facilities and dock shelters: efficiency is at the top of our list. 60 employees work at Van Geest International. These are people with different functions, but with a shared passion for the most delicious fruit and vegetables.


Delicious Brussels sprouts!

IMG 0131
They're back again! Brussels sprouts from Dutch origin at VGI. Available in two sizes and packed in handy 5 kg sacks (photo). Highly recommended for the for the supporter of this vegetable!!

First Dutch Asparagus!

IMG 0743
The season of the Dutch asparagus has started again! Available in several sizes. Most common size is AA, which means the asparagus is about 20-28 mm across. Packed in 5kg cartons.

Courgettes flowers from Holland

First Dutch courgette flowers available in week 6. Packed in cartons with 15 pieces.
Also first yellow courgettes available!

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2678 ZZ De Lier, The Netherlands
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