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Our added value is quality

Fruit and vegetables are scrutinized by the consumers. Quality, therefore, should not be an issue. At least that is the case at Van Geest International. With forty years of experience, we know where to buy what. For each facet of quality – from food safety to appearance on the shelf – we apply the same high standards as you do.

Monitoring each link in the chain

We are not leaving anything up to chance at any stage of the process. Growers and suppliers have to meet the accepted certificates, such as GlobalGAP and BRC. Conditioned transport guarantees the quality in transit. During packaging into smaller quantities we follow the requirements of the HACCP-protocol, and through tracking and tracing we can trace the products at batch level. How much more assurance do you want?

Quality in doing business

Quality is also vital to do business in a way that appeals to you and us; transparent, honest, and trustworthy. In this our Westland mentality is applied each day: decisive and enterprising. 'Large' or 'small' orders are unknown to us. However we do know customers with customized requests that need to be fulfilled.

Our own transport and associated transport companies

Freshness is the main condition for fruit and vegetables. That is why we prefer to keep the transportation in our own hands. Flexibility is very important, whether it concerns a special offer that starts tomorrow in your wholesaler or a pepper that needs to go into the mixed vegetables of a cutting company. By directing the logistics ourselves with our own trucks and a network of transportation partners, we can further optimize the freshness. Westland auction is strategically located via highways, so all European destinations are quickly accessible. Import comes in through the port of Rotterdam, at a distance of twenty minutes by car.

Certification as proof of quality

Van Geest International processes the following certifications.

RIK (Regulations Internal Quality Control)
This certificate ensures optimal quality control.

BRC (British Retail Consortium)
The English supermarket chains have strict rules on fruit and vegetables. With the BRC-certificate the quality is lifted to an extra high level.


Delicious Brussels sprouts!

IMG 0131
They're back again! Brussels sprouts from Dutch origin at VGI. Available in two sizes and packed in handy 5 kg sacks (photo). Highly recommended for the for the supporter of this vegetable!!

First Dutch Asparagus!

IMG 0743
The season of the Dutch asparagus has started again! Available in several sizes. Most common size is AA, which means the asparagus is about 20-28 mm across. Packed in 5kg cartons.

Courgettes flowers from Holland

First Dutch courgette flowers available in week 6. Packed in cartons with 15 pieces.
Also first yellow courgettes available!

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