Core values

Dutch vegetables and fruit exporter

Van Geest International is a Dutch vegetables and fruit exporter. The trade is never the same. Prices vary daily, just like the produce. We meet high standards on a daily basis. This is reflected in the way we treat our customers and how we organize our processes.

Meeting the expectations

We consider our customer expectations a challenge. Then we’ll come up with a plan to execute your demands. Anticipating those moments is exemplary of who we are.

Mixed pallets

We are sharp

For many years we’ve cooperated with the best suppliers, growers associations and producers. Because of this, we can offer you the quality and the prices as they should be: sharp and good.

We know what’s going on

We are often the first to know about new products and changes in the market.  We are happy to share these developments with you to inspire new ideas.

We weten wat er speelt
Vrachtwagen VGI

Guaranteed fresh

Our produce is home-grown and delivered to us via associations.  Besides that we have many outstanding contacts abroad, from where we import fresh produce on a daily basis. At the moment of entry, all vegetables and fruits are immediately inspected and stored at the proper temperature before being transported within 24 hours. Guaranteed freshness.

More information?

Taking into account the seasons and delivery periods, we export all types of vegetables, fruits and exotics. Would you like to know more about us or our products? Call +31 (0)174 – 514300 or send us an e-mail.